Nerd Alert podcast: Confused about tubeless and tire pressures? You’re not alone.


This week’s Nerd Alert episode happened after consumer-direct wheel firm Hunt launched a 1,213 g ultralight disc brake street wheel with a hookless tubeless rim.

The place a number of the different extra outstanding hookless street wheels have 23 to 25 mm inner widths to supposedly help the tyre at decrease pressures, Hunt’s have a touch narrower 21 mm determine. And with that, some readers raised questions by means of our Mailbag column over whether or not the advisable 72.5 psi most strain truly is smart for riders of common weight and on well-liked street tyre widths of 25 and 28 millimetres.

As a technical guide to some profitable WorldTour groups, Josh Poertner of Silca flicked us a message with some ideas on the matter that solely raised extra questions. And that obtained us pondering, maybe it was time to check-in once more on the place we’re at on this planet of street tubeless, what’s new, what’s coming down the pipeline, and what nonetheless must be mounted.

Be a part of Dave Rome, James Huang and Josh Poertner as they focus on all issues from hookless street woes, tyre strain calculators, and the way tyre sealants work (or don’t) at street pressures.

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