Ron DeSantis Is Trump’s Best Risk


Jonathan Chait: “As DeSantis spoke, he appeared like a person who had been mimicking Donald Trump’s speeches in entrance of the mirror. He carried out a sequence of hand thrusts, wherein he drew his thumbs collectively till they had been nearly touching, then jerked them aside in fast horizontal motions, as if he had been enjoying an invisible accordion. After 5 such accordion pulls, he swung his proper hand, thumb pointing up, in a semi-circular movement again inward to the middle. DeSantis tweeted out the clip, and any MAGA fan watching, even with out the sound on, would have grasped the gist simply by the eerie bodily impersonation.”

“Republicans have collectively acknowledged that nevertheless a lot Trump could exasperate them, their president-in-exile won’t be purged, nor will the adjustments he delivered to their celebration be rolled again. He may, nevertheless, be co-opted. And if that is to occur, they’ve settled with outstanding unanimity on DeSantis because the particular person to do it.”

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