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We’re fortunate to have angels like Joanna in our midstindividuals who reside solely to make their communities a greater place.

Right here, on the left, is Joanna with a number of the youngsters in her college. Joanna began her college right here in Ghana in a rural space the place youngsters simply stayed at dwelling, and the illiteracy fee may be very excessive. She stated her college gave the mother and father the liberty to go to their farms throughout the day to make sufficient cash and make a dwelling for his or her households. Not solely did she present an schooling, however she was devoted in retaining them wholesome.

The college is plagued with diseases and absences all due to poor sanitation and lack of correct washrooms. In Joanna’s personal phrases, she stated, “We now have to stroll 20 minutes from the neighborhood bore gap to fetch clear water. We’re solely utilizing 2 native bogs for 200 youngsters; this isn’t adequate.”

She’s persevering with so as to add washrooms and bogs, as a result of she stated, “I’ve realized that when mother and father drop off their children and see that the setting is clear, and there’s clear water to drink, they’re extra inspired to ship their youngsters right here. And seeing that youngsters are wholesome and not getting sick, encourages different folks to carry their youngsters to high school as nicely.”

Joanna is simply not making a method for his or her youngsters to be educated, she’s additionally ensuring that they’re wholesome, their mother and father work, and the folks in the neighborhood can lead their life with dignity and hope.

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