Why Has Will Smith Not Been Arrested After Committing Assault and Battery on Dwell Tv?


Hollywood Hits Backside–

As Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier — Will Smith rushed the Oscar stage and decked comic Chris Rock within the face for making a joke about his spouse.

Smith then went again and sat down and screamed profanities at Rock on the stage. That was uncomfortable.

WATCH: Will Smith Rushes Oscar Stage And Socks Chris Rock In The Face For Insulting His Spouse

Right here’s the video once more.

TRENDING: WATCH: Will Smith Rushes Oscar Stage And Socks Chris Rock In The Face For Insulting His Spouse

This was an assault caught on nationwide TV.

Will Smith later received the Oscar for finest actor.

He was nonetheless within the viewers after his assault on nationwide TV.

So why was he not charged for assault?

Why was he allowed to take a seat within the entrance row throughout the present?

Why was he given an award after assaulting the host on stage?

Smith dedicated assault and battery on reside TV.

California Penal Code Part 242 PC: Battery
1. Definition and Parts of the Crime

Battery below California Penal Code Part 242 PC is a frequently-filed felony offense that includes any intentional and illegal bodily contact on one other particular person. Battery is usually mentioned in reference to the offense of assault below California Penal Code Part 240 PC, nonetheless these are two separate crimes composed of their very own particular person components.

To show a cost of battery, a prosecutor should be capable of set up the next components:

The defendant deliberately and unlawfully touched one other particular person in a dangerous or offensive method.
AND the defendant didn’t act in self protection, in protection of another person, or whereas fairly disciplining a baby.
The slightest contact might be sufficient to fulfill the battery statute, whether it is carried out in a impolite or indignant method. Making any contact with an individual, even whether it is simply by way of his or her clothes, can be sufficient to violate the statute. The contact in query doesn’t need to trigger ache or harm. As well as, the bodily contact might be made on one thing carefully linked to an individual. For instance, if an individual is holding an object or using a bicycle and one other particular person strikes the article or the bicycle, that particular person may very well be charged with battery in each incidents due to the shut connection between the bodily object and the opposite particular person.

Because of Democrats it’s OK to smack individuals within the face now.







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